Zero Cluster

Zero Cluster: Deportation is a collaborative, multi-arts installation using hybrid technologies, live music performance 
and real-time video/film with multi-layer projection experience. This project reflects on unconventional uses of technologies 
and stretches the limits of integrated experience, namely how both performers and audiences normally experience music and video.

Youth Festival (Toronto) 2009,
MAI (Montreal) 2007, Hot& Spice festival at Harborfront (Toronto)2007, International Performing Arts Festival (Lahore, Pakistan) 2007.

a unique way to experience live music, space and visuals using multiple projections and real_time video mixing

Band; LAL (Rosina Kazi, Nicholas Murray, Ian de Souza)
video; José Garcia-Lozano (Video Artist/Projectionist/FilmMaker)
Faisal Anwar (Multi-disciplinary artist/Film Maker/Projectionist)

AGO, performance clip

HarbourFront, Toronto