Clifton to Sadder

June 2006 I returned to my home country Pakistan, after living in Canada for three and a half years. I was shocked to experience the “different” Pakistan. I found myself struggling, and pondering if it’s real or or nightmare. I could see the evident social disparity where the rich gets richer and the poor get poorer. The country had changed just in 3 years. I felt a constant fear in people of being robbed and asked to give their belongings on a gun point. Now living with a constant terror of being under surveillance, victims of social injustice. Is it the end of feudalism and a start of capitalism? or now both? It seems as if no one cares and the mind-set is that you fabricate your life and let me handle mine. You play your game and let me play mine, but don’t talk about it.

Screened at: Monitor 3: Contemporary South Asian Film and Video’ 2007, at Innis Town Hall, Toronto,
Pollution, 2007 at INTERart, aluCine -Toronto Latin Festival 2007. 2007