Titra- Time Travel in Modern Age

After creating and exhibiting (from 08/10), Odd SpacesFaisal Anwar continues to examine conventions of contemporary urban life and norms of human behavior modified by interactions, through a new project titled titra. Work on \titra is in its research and development phase. The project will be developed through a residency at Livid Inc. in San Francisco, where the artist would receive training and mentoring from Peter Nyboer, a software programmer and co-founder of livid Inc. This residency is made possible through the generous support of Ontario Artists Council, Canada. livid union, San Jose, U.S.A

/ Complex communication and digital structures are part of our lives, ‘data’ is moving faster than the speed of travel and new behaviors are introduced in the way we communicate, live, know one another and form a society.  /titra explores and generates a critical comment on our media rich and technology filled life, experiencing notions of time travel, thus making a reality of once science fiction.  A time where the access to know the unknown has become too quick, reaching out and making friends has become fast and simple and the idea of living virtually has become the best way of living. Perhaps we are living in an illusion of space with distorted realities and relationships while experiencing past, present and future simultaneously.

\Historically the ideas of traveling through time and space has existed in fiction, scientific theories and in several mythologies and tales, for example, “Albert Einstein (1879-1955) talks about Theory of Relativity, recognition that the speed of light in a vacuum is constant and an absolute physical boundary for motion. This does not have a major impact on a person’s day-to-day life since we travel at speeds much slower than light speed. For objects traveling near light speed, however, the theory of relativity states that objects will move slower and shorten in length from the point of view of an observer on Earth”.








\In Hindu mythology, the Mahabharata mentions the story of the King Revaita, who travels to heaven to meet the creator Brahma and is shocked to learn that many ages have passed when he returns to Earth. Another one of the earliest known stories to involve traveling forward in time to a Distant future was the Japanese tale of “Urashima Tar?”. first described in the Nihongi (720). It was about a young fisherman named Urashima Taro who visits an undersea palace and stays there for three days. Sufism or taawwuf is defined by its adherents as the Inner, mystical dimension of Islam, where through meditation one can reach the level of travel with ones spirit to experience future or a different location, while sitting in the same place. Star Trek explores the ideas of transiting bodies within different locations and time zones.

\In contemporary time, we experience touch screens, socialmedia , smart phones, advanced processing chips, facial recognition devices, high definition cameras/ real-time technologies, video games, videos and distribution technologies, are all gadgets that we are very familiar with today and have made it possible to reach out to someone breaking the barriers of space and time. We may not be experiencing physically their point of time but we can get that experience now over the phone or over video.

Now question is do we really need a physical time travel? Perhaps time travel is already happening and we are looking at it from a different point of view. Perhaps its the data, pixels, stream and ‘experience’ which will become so rich, immersive and real that the notion of physical time travel will become obsolete. On the other had there are inevitable, yet exciting challenges of the time or present, we are bound by the norms of the present, we struggle to adopt or to know about a ‘different’ culture or cultural values. Our languages, appearances and social conditioning stops us from forming a global community. Certainly if there is ever a physical time travel, first we’ll need to deal with the very basic issues of our times.

\titra is a fiction based, transmedia art work. It may includes a site-specific interactive installation, photo based work and interactive website. STAY TUNED TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT PROJECT DETAILS.

\titra in interested to explore

  • Future of digital forms and communications
  • Time travel in modern age
  • Distance experience, participation and how to create transmedia installations and
    create new experience cross platform
  • Creating new forms and technologies to reach out and learn about world/ its cities and exchange dialogue
  • Finding ways to create meaningful understanding about urban cultures and how we can come up with new technologies to understand each others
  • Creating new forms with soicalmedia, real time video and smart phones