Gathering Ordinary Telephotos and Capturing Hidden Attitudes
site-specific newmedia installation

What makes me a South Asian? What makes me a Muslim? What makes you who you are? Your colour, your parent’s country of origin, your dress, walk, speech or faith? What defines our ethnicity? Who defines it? and why define it? Is it important to know what your cultural identity is? Is it Important to know your faith and religion.? In a modern culture we make assumptions and definitions and live in a fear of either being judgmental or being judged, being identified or being victimized, under surveillance, taped or watched. Our daily lives are filled with a constant barrage of visual information expelled from ever-changing technology and devices.

Project Description: SAVAC (South Asian Visual Arts Collective) is presenting “g.o.t.c.h.a” {Gathering Ordinary Telephotos and Capturing Hidden Attitudes }A real-time site specific New Media Installation created in a span of 12 hours. Artists and audience will be asked to participate in an all night surveillance project. They are asked to take photographs discreetly of people they identify as “South Asian” based on their perception and interpretation, attending the Nuit Blanche city event. Artists will use their cell phones to capture faces randomly, by using a pop mail server technology, these photos will create a real-time projection at a site-specific  .

Collaborator: Harpreet Grover, (developer) Produced by: SAVAC