Odd Spaces – August 2008
Site- specific, real-time video installation based on locative media and public interventions.
Presented at the exhibition ‘Six Degrees of Separation: Chaos, Congruence & Collaboration’ 2008, curated by; KHOJ, International Artists‘ Association in Delhi, India, VASL International Artists’ Workshop in Pakistan, THEERTHA Arts Collective in Sri Lanka, BRITTO Arts Trust in Bangladesh and SUTRA Arts’ Trust in Nepal.

Odd Spaces is a real-time interactive installation that engages the spaces of human interactions. This project seeks to connect people separated by geography, social and cultural status by using new technologies to help facilitate their exchange. Using multiple projectors, screens, cell phone and locations, the task of linking an assortment of people in Toronto and Karachi becomes an almost seamless act. Yet, the people connected by it are far from familiar to the idioms, social gestures and practices of those they are interacting with. Odd Spaces attempts to show the unease that can arise through technologically mediated interactions.