Into it!

Into it!

Into It! is a networked set of kinetic animal sculptures that have been wired with video screens, sound, vibration, voice inputs and motion sensors. Kids “become” the animal by using their bodies as controllers to explore a virtual ecosystem. The game is made from the animal’s point of view so kids get to really experience what it is like to be an animal. The movements the kids make are in the spirit of their animal character.

Accessible Into It!

Accessible Into It!  is a bat sculpture which would accommodate the physical needs of the multiple-disabled in order to engage. The bat’s body is adjustable to accommodate most sizes of wheelchair. Different sensors and adaptable buttons were employed for alternative interactive play. Touch video screens, attached to an adjustable arm that can be positioned for different head postures and focal lengths enable teachers or attendants to intervene and assist in the play if the disabled user is having difficulty.

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