As an artist, working in the digital medium, I strive to develop artworks that respond to their surroundings– encourage interaction and curiosity. Playing with juxtapositions such as nature and industrial, history and future, and dynamic and static, I create works that animate the public spaces they exist within. I believe large-scale urban sculptures bridge past and present, memory and imagination. Creating the potential to animate social interactions within the material structures, they function both as iconic physical landmarks and compelling representatives of a community’s character– her vision and values.

(En)Light is a monument-like form, crafted out of laser-cut corten, galvanized powder coated mild steel sheets, designed in a sleek and contemporary silhouette with dynamically-controlled 10,000 LED lighting. The design of the intricately patterned lights is inspired by the symmetry and grid found in Islamic design and geometry. The silhouette is inspired by the historic art of monolith monument-making, such as those that,thousands of years ago, in Menhirs found around the world. It is also a stark reminder of both the famous Stonehenge and the Ashoka Pillars of the 3rd century BC– magnificently built to either mark the sacred landscapes, significant events, or the observatories to study the movements of the sun and the moon that continue to remain a mystery.  Contemplating many such ideas, I sought a modern interpretation, utilizing light, texture, angles ,and scale as the key components of this work that transpires from the innovative use of materials and responsive technologies. The objective was to create a site specific art that is both seen and experienced!

I believe that this piece would create the gratification of arrival for visitors; they will know they are in a place of significance. It would be a lasting place maker enhancing the character of the architecture that contains it.