Faisal Anwar – Aga Khan Museum and Aga Khan Council Canada 

The term char bagh refers to the Persian style quadrilateral garden divided by walkways or flowing water into 4 parts with axial paths intersecting at the centre.

In this installation, the structured Islamic geometrical scheme becomes a powerful metaphor working with open data and investigating today’s sociopolitical territories. The data is collected from different cities and time zones through thematically curated hashtags and a series of participatory social media workshops with youth, in collaboration with a range of groups, examining how the ethical use of social media can be used for positive social change.

A large scale digital garden will be projected on the facade of the Aga Khan Museum and presented at the Ismaili Center growing throughout the night. Audiences interact using cellphones to add new content in real-time.

Co-curated by Zulfikar Hirji

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