360EXtEndEd is a multi-platform project, which explores a city’s evolution. We live in a city where there are infinite stories at every corner, in every neighborhood, in every house. 360EXtEndEd questions how, in this hybrid age of globalization, we perceive our relationship with the city we call ‘home’. How does a citys life, architecture and history impact on us, its inhabitants? What happens to all our unsaid and unspoken stories, which we all carry?


360EXtEndEd has two components

Website: This is a place to tell and share stories about your city. The website enables community-based interaction where people are invited to post stories, pictures and videos to the site. The website becomes a portal where our experiences about the city, past and present reside. It is a place to celebrate our diversity in today’s urban culture and share our relationships with the city we call home.

Site-Specific Installation: Your stories of the city will also become part of real-time, site-specific installation. The installation will consist of large-scale projections. 360EXtEndEd will take the audience through streams of visuals and provide them with opportunities to explore and find ways to connect with space and visual imagery.

Interactive Documentary: Coming soon

Project is launched in Toronto, Pakistan but I am getting stories from UK and other parts and now planning to launch 360 in Mexico.

Visit the website

Installation view
6 hours real-time video work based on 360extended.com user generated stories.

175 Anniversary  Toronto, inside the City Hall Rotunda- Toronto.
March 6 2009

Installation Video

If you are interested in bringing 360 in your country or city, contact me @ faisal@dgdip.com and become part of global art project.